Our TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzers are a uniquely refreshing blend of premium brewed malt alcohol, pure sparkling water (which we carbonate) and 100% natural fruit flavors.
Our TAKE FIVE CBD Sparkling Waters are a delicious blend of 25mg of hemp derived CBD, all natural flavors and sparkling spring water.
CBD is the abbreviation for ‘Hemp Derived Water Soluble Cannabidiol’. CBD is one of the many cannabinoids (chemical compounds) derived from the cannabis plant. For many, when they hear Cannabis or cannabinoids, the assumption is these are dangerous, illegal substances that will get you “high” but that’s not the "full picture".
THC is another cannabinoid found in the Cannabis plant and it’s this one that has the intoxicating properties associated with marijuana and getting “stoned”.
CBD is not psychoactive and will not intoxicate you if consumed. Over recent years, CBD has been extensively studied for its medicinal properties and research has shown that CBD can relieve chronic pain, reduce anxiety / stress, reduce inflammation in the body and even improve the health of your skin. It’s now widely used in pain management programs and skin care products. It’s worth noting that most studies evaluating CBDs beneficial effects have used doses of at least 15mg per day.
Yes, it absolutely is! If you scan the QR code on your bottle of TAKE FIVE CBD Water, you will be taken to the lab results page on our site. Here you can enter the batch number of your bottle (found on the base of the bottle) and you will have full traceability of our CBD.
All our TAKE FIVE products are Vegan friendly as we wouldn’t want anyone to not be able to enjoy TAKE FIVE!
We go out of our way to ensure we only select ingredients that do not contain gluten and we test them ourselves and with an external lab to ensure that is the case. We are extremely proud to say that all of our products are endorsed by the National Celiac Association too.
Our products do not contain any of the following allergens (milk, eggs, fish, crustacean, shellfish, nuts, tree nuts, wheat, gluten or soybeans).
No! All our products are made sugar free and we’re very proud of that. We would never use sugars or sweeteners, we rely solely on the natural sweetness of our 100% natural fruit flavorings and nothing else. That’s why our Seltzers are 100 calories per 355ml serve and our CBD waters are 10 calories or less per 355ml serve.
If you store our products in dry, cool conditions and keep them away from direct light, then our Seltzers will be just fine for up to 18 months and our CBD Waters will keep for 12 months. But, why wait! Now’s the Time to TAKE FIVE and your taste buds will thank you for it!
Conscience Clear® is the process by which we source our ingredients and craft our drinks. We select only the purest ingredients from ethical sources, we only use natural flavorings and we don’t add anything nasty like sugar or sweeteners. We don’t cut corners and we believe this dedication to creating the purest, best tasting drinks we can, is reflected in the quality and taste of every uniquely refreshing sip.
Use the ‘Buy Now’ link on our website and then select the state which you are purchasing in. You will then be guided to the different purchasing options that will deliver TAKE FIVE straight to your front door. Alternatively, if you are living in New York City, click on the ‘Find Instore’ link on the top of our website to see which stores are selling TAKE FIVE near you. If we don’t currently sell TAKE FIVE in your local area, you can subscribe to TAKE FIVE and you’ll be the first to hear when we are available near you. To subscribe to our newsletter click here.
We’re sorry to hear you’ve not received your TAKE FIVE yet. We’ll look into this straight away for you. Please can you email us at and let us know your order number and we’ll get your product to you as soon as we can.
We’d love to hear from you and you can reach us at or you can give us a call on (877) 825 3515. We’re on Pacific Seaboard Time. Hope to hear from you soon.
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